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At Clashing Sabers we promote positive, thoughtful critique and discussion about the Star Wars galaxy. With four shows on the feed and a diverse cast of hosts and guests, this network is focused on bringing together different “certain point of views.”

July 19, 2019

SPECIAL RELEASE- JEDI TEMPLE ARCHIVES Episode XVIII - Ahsoka Tano - Part 2 (Beyond the Clone Wars)


This week, we continue on our mission to examine the life of Ahsoka Tano and why she is such a critical character in the Star Wars universe with our special guest Brandon Boylan from the Clashing Sabers Podcast (clashingsabers.net). From the self-titled book Ahsoka to her role in Star Wars: Rebels, this beacon of the Light wields her dual white-bladed lightsabers on a mission to find her place in the galaxy and, by doing so, her true self. Join us as we discuss this incredible, Force-wielding woman and learn why she plays such a huge role in the lives of some of your favorite Star Wars characters.

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